About Weservice360 and the team:

The idea of offering services in the style and concept we do with Weservice360 was born by the experience that many people have when settling in Chiang Mai: how to get in touch with the right people for small repairs or simple things like shortening your pants.?Together with our circle of experienced Thai and foreign expats combine all our connections and make agreements to offer the best service possible for our customers. We help you with every task by selecting the right people for the right job. 

Our target is to support your daily needs in managing your home and lifestyle. Many things we can do for you so you have more time to concentrate on your business, or enjoy the available extra time for something more relaxing.

Anyway you prefer it, that is the way we will get it done for you. Once we combined the right connections you don’t need to worry anymore as we maintain all running tasks monthly according to your subscription. You can cancel it anytime.

Main office and area of service (please ask for specific location outside Chiang Mai area)

Most of our services are offered in Chiang Mai and around the city withing a 50 km range. But for some long term projects or holiday properties we can arrange a team to stay on location until the project is completed. Discuss your needs with us.