A personal coach can help you reach your targets by assisting you throughout the day. Do you want that lunch reserved at your favorite restaurant. Are you on tour and not familiar to local professionals in what you need right there?  

We help you with translations beyond language. We make you feel at home wherever you are around Chiang Mai and Thailand. Thai nationals on a business trip or travelling can save a lot of time by consulting the local Thai experts upon planning their next trip. 

Owning a property is always hard if you don’t visit it that much per year, or even rent it out. We are here to follow up on your recurring overheads, but also on your estimated profits. We supply easy to manage software so you can keep track of your assets.

Sometimes a cheaper electricity bill just depends on timely maintenance or replacing the aircon, maybe the light bulbs on your property. We make an assessment of your current overheads for house, pools and garden lighting, security hardware and power supply shortages. This subscription saves you more!


Assistant services

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