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Our communication services go way beyond translation or administrative matters. We represent you whenever you need it and where you need it. Depending on your choice of selected service we provide you with daily, common issues in communication and administration. But no matter what service selected, we are there if in any case a very urgent case occurs during your stay. 

The Communication Services That We Offer

Communication Services

When you are new in Thailand, we understand your need for understanding and selecting what gives you the most comfort. Our Communication Services help you with A to B conversations between government departments and administrates that require communication in Thai language. Our service offers even more than that: Because we are all experienced citizens from both Thai and expat entrepreneurs, we have build a lot of trust for you to represent your case and personality.

Education Services

We offer Thai and English language courses dedicated to personal and business communication purposes. Our licensed teachers will teach you the profound finesse of vocabulary you need to function best regarding to the Thai culture and level of conversation. But we also teach Thai graduates and Senior Business Representatives how to improve communication skills when interacting with international customers on a business level.

Management Services

Expats and international companies have experienced the challenges in dealing with communication and cultural differences in employing people in Thailand. With our Management Services you will be able to withstand the most common challenges when dealing with issues on employment and interviews, hiring and evaluating of employees. Your team will be more understood and productive with our Management Services.

Coaching Services

Sometimes you have a dedicated creative team of Thai and foreign workers, but somehow there always seems to be missing something. Is that a communication issue or a cultural? Or maybe just a missed opportunity because of the wrong translation and interpretation. Our Couching Services will allow you to define the issue because we evaluate independently within our team of experts before we report back to you. Together we solve the issue and improve team productivity.

Legal Consulting Services

Legal issues in Thailand are to be considered carefully just as in any other country. It is better to get the right advice according to your situation, and have someone to represent your case, so that you can keep emotional distance and succeed in your targets. We consult between your needs and our team of licensed legal re-presenters to find the legal solution that fits your case best. .

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