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People who traveled a lot know how hard it can be to find the right people for the right job. Sometimes you just loose more time and money without a solution. Unless you have that friend who lives there and knows all the right people because they experienced it all to save you the time and troubles. That is exactly what our service wants to be: Your helping friend and guide in services!

Your helping friend for all round home care services

When we mention all round home services, we do mean you can ask us anything you need an answer for. Our network of experienced Thai business owners and foreign expats is available to find the best people with the best solution for you.

  • Home Maintenance Services

    Sometimes you just cant find the right cleaning or maintenance service that works for you? We will use our network and find someone who can take care of this particular job for you. All at straight forward prices and with clear expectations.

  • All Round Home Repair Services

    You need to find a painter or electrician for a small or larger job? Our network of professionals is managed by us to save you the time and hassle of negotiating price and technical details. We present you a clear quote, and follow up on the job.

  • Electronics and Computer Repairs

    We pick up your electronics or computer hardware and bring it to the right specialist to get a quote for repairs. You save the time and communication issues in the technical diagnose, resulting in a better working solution or conclusion.

Overview Home Care Services What kind of services do we offer in Chiang Mai?

How does it work?

Select your ideal subscription package or make an appointment for a single task. 

For example: Your notebook needs to be repaired.

You make an appointment and select the time you will bring your notebook to our office. We give you a receipt for the notebook and start to diagnose what can be wrong and what needs to be done to repair the notebook. If there are any costs involved to repair hardware or any other work involved, we will inform you by sending a quote. If you have a subscription, the cost of this service is included and you only pay the fee for the repairs or hardware replacements from the shop.  Without a subscription you pay us a fee of minimal 200 THB for the service and expenses of connecting you with the right expert who repaired the notebook.

Subscription PACKS

With a subscription pack we can offer you the services you need most and spread them over a year. For example if you need a few tasks done every month (Garden, Maintenance, Cleaning), Weservice360 will combine and schedule the workers for you and do the required communication including the follow up in quality control. 

A subscription gives you access to our network of professionals and a personal assistant who will follow up on all your requests. Each subscription pack will be customized to your needs, and all interventions scheduled at your most convenient time. 

We DELIVER on our promises and follow up personally on all project tasks from start to finish.

Basic plan

฿ 499

Per Month

Advanced plan

฿ 999

Per month

Extended plan

฿ 1499

Per month

You can get a free quote for a service to try. Book your first appointment here:

Customized services to

improve home & life

We manage to improve your lifestyle and properties with extra services, so you can relax